Webinar: Blockchain for Project Managers for Smart Cities

Held on 21 February 2019 (Click Here to view webinar)

Speakers:  Ignacio Varese and  Gustavo Giannattasio

2019 02 21 Webinar ACCESS 262x245

Blockchain is one of the new disrupting technologies nowadays. Blockchain started with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is digital money that is transmitted through Internet without intermediaries and is based in cryptography.  Blockchain is the technology that allow peer to peer transactions without intermediaries, a distributed network to transmit value. The technology behind Bitcoin is Blockchain, and Blockchain is more than Bitcoin, Blockchain is bus

iness solution. We have many uses cases that use Blockchain solutions in Organizations in all industries. Blockchain came to stay, and we have to stay updated. Project managers have lots of opportunities, many Blockchain projects are coming and they have to know how its work. In the webinar we are going to do an introduction of blockchain, explaining why Blockchain is a revolution, I will show some uses cases and project managers opportunities, challenges and risk that they have.


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Use cases and project manager opportunities, challenges & risks.


About the Speakers

Ignacio Varese 

Ignacio Varese is a Computer Engineer, PMP with an MBA. Experience as a Project, Program and Portfolio management in public and private companies in Uruguay and abroad. NEM Blockchain Ambassador, Uruguay Blockchain Summit UY Co-founder, Blockchain Consultant, Blockbear Blockchain for Business Co-founder. PMI Montevideo Chapter Volunteer 

Gustavo Giannattasio 

Gustavo is a consultant in technologies, Internet, Smart Cities and IoT ,Telecommunications, Project Management Professional certified by PMI registry PMP 428086.  He is a former Professor of virtual courses "new generation networks NGN" for the International Telecommunication Union, ITU Geneva, Professor of UDELAR in  Electro Department of antennas and propagation , Professor of Data Communication UCUDAL and Professor Data Networks CISCO CCNA Engineering School ORT.    He is an IEEE Senior Member and past member of the IEEE Board of Directors (Director of Latin America).