Electric Vehicles and Vehicle to Grids

Presented By: Rick Rys

The transition to electric vehicles is essential to decarbonize the transportation sector which is currently a huge source of carbon emmissions. This highly disruptive transition is picking up speed and, in this session, we will review the market forces in play that are driving the transition to electric vehicles. The discussion will include technical, economic, political, and regulatory issues that impact the speed of this transition. The discussion will include how the electric grid that will power new electric vehicles will need to change and how electric vehicles will drive new smart home and smart grid innovations.

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Who Should Attend?

  • All Smart City Stakeholder Communities, Citizens, Elected Officials, Regulators, Utilities, EV Makers, Maintenance and Operations Staff, Suppliers

About the Speaker

Rick Rys Feb 2019Rick Rys is a registered professional Chemical Engineer that designed, built, and commissioned control systems in the refining, chemical, fossil power, nuclear power, and wind energy sectors. Rick has built his own all-electric net zero active/passive solar house and has a few years' experience driving an electric vehicle with a utility-controlled charging system. Rick is the chairman commissioner of his local light department on a town system that owns and operates two 1.5 MW wind turbines and is planning for future EV adoption. At ARC Rick works on market studies for T&D SCADA, Substation Automation, Microgrids, Grid Scale Batteries, drones for inspection/delivery, and Operator Training Simulators for the Process industry.

Tags & Topics for This Webinar:

  • Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Smart Home, EV, V2G, V2H, Autonomy