IEEE Smart Cities Standards P2784 Webinar Series - Explorining Cybersecurity Best Pracitices in your Smart City

Speaker:  Lary O'Brien, ARC Advisory Group

This webinar will discuss new technologies like IoT and the cloud that are creating a whole new set of cybersecurity challenges for smart cities, many that do not even have official policies or programs in place to manage cybersecurity effectively. With cyber-attacks against smart cities increasing in volume, sophistication, and financial impact, it’s time to take stock and implement cybersecurity plans that are sustainable and address real world threats. From an organizational standpoint, many cities seem ill prepared to respond to major cyberattacks. City and municipal governments tend to focus on the information technology (IT) world and have less experience managing the increasingly digital world of operational-related technologies. The utilities, which have become major investors in smart cities in the past couple of years, are more adept at the operational technology (OT) side of the equation. Both groups have their own challenges when it comes to managing the convergence of the IT and OT realms. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Ways to implement cybersecurity plans that are sustainable and that address real world threats.
  • How city and municipal governments and utility companies are managing the convergence of the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) digital world of operational-related technologies

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About the Speaker

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Larry O'Brien

Larry is part of the cybersecurity and smart cities and infrastructure teams at ARC, with a 20-year background in process control, process safety, and field devices/field networks.  Larry has also supported many of our end-user clients in the oil and gas and refining industries and has conducted several supplier selection workshops. 

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