IEEE Core City - The Importance of Local Regulation & Local Initiative

Speakers:  Dr. Aawatif Hayar and Adnane Founoun

This webinar presented the assessment of smart city’s concept through the local regulation in Morocco. An evaluation framework is developed and presented. We underlined and evaluated the importance of direct and indirect citizens’ involvement in the city transition to a smart city; as well as their investment and appropriation of the city transformation process. In this webinar you will:

  • Understand how local regulation impacts the transition to a Smart City; and how to evaluate it
  • Understand the importance of citizen involvement in a Smart City transformation

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About the Speakers

Hayar PhotoAawatif Hayar 

Dr. Aawatif HAYAR received, with honors,as the First Moroccan, the degree of “Agrégation” in Electrical Engineering from EcoleNormaleSupérieure de Cachan in 1992. She received the “Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies” in Signal processing Image and Communications and the degree of Engineer in Telecommunications Systems and Networks from ENSEEIHT de Toulouse in 1997. She received with honors the Ph.D. degree in Signal Processing and Telecommunications from Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse in 2001. She was research and teaching associate at EURECOM’s Mobile Communication Department from 2001 to 2010 in Sophia Antipolis-France. Aawatif Hayar has an HDR (Habilitation à Diriger la Recherche) from University Sud Toulon Var from France on Cognitive Wideband Wireless Systems on 2010 and an HDR on Green Téléommunication from University Hassan II Casablanca on 2013. Since 2011, Aawatif Hayar has Professor position at the University Hassan II Casablanca. She is also member of Casablanca “Avant-garde” City think-tank. She is co-initiator since 2013 of E-madina Smart City Cluster. Her research interests includes fields such as cognitive green communications systems, UWB systems, smart grids, smart sustainable social building, e-governance, open data for citizens, smart cities, ICT for social eco-friendly smart socio-economic development. Pr. Aawatif Hayar is also IEEE DLT Chair for EMEA region since 2014 and the designer of Frugal Social Sustainable Smart City concept for Casablanca and emerging countries which was selected by IEEE Smart City initiative as one of the most innovative projects in the world in 2015. Pr. Aawatif Hayar is currently Chair of Casablanca IEEE Core Smart City project. She was also selected by the prestigious African Innovation Foundation as one of the top ten innovative African women in 2015. Aawatif Hayar has developed “Frugal Social Collaborative Sustainable Smart City Casablanca“, a new concept for smart city transformation which was distinguished by IEEE Smart city initiative in 2015 as an innovative cost effective inclusive smart city concept. She is the Scientific Advisor, at the City level, of Smart City Expo Casablanca and General Co-Chair of IEEE international Conference on Smart Cities (IEEE ISC2 -2019). Pr. Aawatif Hayar  is currently leading or involved in a couple of R&D/Innovation projects with the City of Casablanca, the region Casablanca Settat, CNRST, INDH, GIZ and Heinrich Böll Stiftung such as End to End Energy Efficiency Living Lab, Virtual Museum of Casablanca, e-douar “Smart Inclusive Ecological village” and Solar Decathlon Africa E-Co Dar projects. 

Founoun Photo



Adnane Founoun

Adnane Founoun is pursuing his PhD and is International auditor in sustainable development with a degree in mobility engineering and smart city, with several research on smart cities and evaluation of smart city concepts.


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