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The following IEEE publications recently released have an IEEE Smart Cities focus.

proceedings of the ieee cover apr 2018
Proceedings of the IEEE April Special Issue on Smart Cities brings together recent international research on this challenging and multidisciplinary subject of present and future engineering, architectural, medical, economic, information, and social sciences.
Some interesting articles:
  • The IEEE Smart Cities Initiative — Accelerating the Smartification Process for the 21st Century Cities: 
  • Smartphone data, collected within vehicles passing over a bridge, can be used to monitor bridge vibrations: (abstract only; subscription required to access article)
  • One of the adverse effects of urban living is the increasing risk of chronic diseases. Researchers developed data-driven methods to predict hospitalizations due to heart disease and diabetes:   (abstract only; subscription required to access article)
  • Smart Governance for Smart Cities: (abstract only; subscription required to access article)
A full list of papers covering topics in energy, smart grid, transportation, healthcare etc. can be found on our website.
2018 06 Electrication Magazine



IEEE Electrification Magazine is a quarterly magazine from the IEEE Power & Energy Society dedicated to disseminating information on all matters related to microgrids onboard electric vehicles, ships, trains, planes, and off-grid applications.

The June 2018 Issues presents eight feature articles and two columns that discuss smart city technology and applications

IEEE CEM 2018 Mar 07mce02 cover




The March 2018 edition of the IEEE Conssumer Electronics Society Magazine focuses on "Building Sustainable Smart Cities" - You can access the issue via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

IEEE CEM 2016 July 05mce03 cover




The July 2016 edition of the IEEE Conssumer Electronics Society Magazine focuses on "Smart Cities" - You can access the issue via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.