Salvador Smart City Master Plan: Connect - Empower - Transform

Presented By: Magda Maria Guimarães de Andrade

Developed as a strategic plan for urban intervention, management and training, which will catalyze and guide the transformation of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil), from the perspective of a smart city, Salvador Smart City Master Plan contemplates the different urban spaces integration, using infrastructure of pervasive, high-speed and resiliency multi-service connectivity, cloud computing, data privacy and cybersecurity, collaborative platform for governance and digital citizenship, digital technologies and urban big data for predictive analytics, event and command management, and risk warnings, where the present and future of the city is planned for the knowledge democratization, where technology is adapted to meet the needs of urban management, promoting economic development, citizen empowerment and full citizenship. Salvador Smart City Master Plan brings the challenge of transforming a traditional city, into a smarter, more resilient and sustainable environment, aiming at improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of the urban system, through the sustainable solutions implementation, which cover operational and ecosystems, forming collaborative networks of multiple actors (which usually operate in isolation), bringing public authorities and citizens closer together.


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Who Should Attend?

  • Citizens, municipal entities, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, state government, research centers, companies, teaching and research institutions.

About the Speaker

Foto MagdaAndradeMagda Maria Guimarães de Andrade is a M.Sc. Ci.Info, Innovation Promotion Coordinator, currently developing activities in smart city projects, IoT for environmental resilience, government innovation and digital transformation with a focus on productive digital inclusion and full citizenship. She was awarded at the LATAM Smart City Awards 2021 – Mérida, Mexico and at the InovaCidade 2019 - Smart City Business Expo Brazil Institute, Curitiba, Brazil.

Tags & Topics for This Webinar:

  • Smart City; Digital Transformation; Equity; Sustainable Communities