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P2814 - Techno-economics Metrics Standard for Hybrid Energy & Storge Systems - Bi-monthly working Group Meeting

The IEEE P2814 Techno-economics Terminology Working Group meetings aim to develop techno-economic terminologies used in the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy and electrical energy storage systems. This standard is intended to serve as a basic reference for policy makers, developers, and users of such systems, for planning industry standards, and for the interpretation of published technical and industrial reports. All are welcome to participate in the standard development process. The meetings are held in Webex with dial-in option. Please contact the Working Group Chair, Dr Chun Sing Lai ( for more details. The Working Group has published a Smart Cities newsletter in the June 2020 issue.

2020 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference

The IEEE Smart Cities Steering committee has agreed that the 2020 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference will be a fully virtual format. The Program Committee is currently being form and we expect to announce the dates and schedule for the conference shortly.  This virtual format will provide an opportunity for our community to continue to present their research and collaborate with their peers across the globe.   Additionally guidelines for all authors (papers/posters) will also be announced. All authors will need to adhere to the guidelines for presentation as part of the virtual event to be permitted publication within IEEE Xplore. 

IEEE P2784 Smart Cities Planning and Technology draft standard Monthly Meeting

The IEEE P2784 Smart Cities Planning and Technology draft standard meeting is intended to be a democratic, multidisciplinary work to incorporate the different perspectives about Smart Cities. We look forward to having you onboard in this standardization process and hear your ideas and contributions.    


IEEE Smart Cities Partners

IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Control Systems Society
IEEE Industry Applications Society
IEEE Power & Energy Society
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
IEEE Council on Electronic Automation Design