Innovation@Lugano: 3Achain, The Triple A Blockchain

Presented By: Andrea Scarinci

Is city administration a good place to drive digital innovation? Can a city administration inspire companies in the private sector?

In this webinar we'll:

  • Analyze how the city of Lugano is driving blockchain understanding and adoption discuss about the security and stability of a permissioned blockchain, based on a Proof of Authority consensus algorithm.

Innovation is not a choice, is an innate need within us since the first prehistoric stone tools!

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Who Should Attend?

  • Innovators, City and public administration representatives, Chief Digital Officers, professionals and students looking for commitment in their career.

About the Speaker

ProfileAndrea Scarinci has a solid experience in ICT innovation within big enterprises like Telco providers, financial rating agencies and global system integrators. Being at the forefront of upcoming technologies is his passion, make them have a real impact is his mission. In the city of Lugano he's in charge of designing and guiding digital innovation projects to improve the quality of life of citizens in the region, leveraging a "Living Lab approach". Human relations, Cloud, IOT and Blockchain are his work tools.

Tags & Topics for This Webinar:

  • Infrastructure; economic development; digital innovation; digital; blockchain; consortium; Ethereum; smart city; living lab; lugano living lab; enoll; lugano my city; open innovation; Ethereum; public administration