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IEEE Smart Cities Webinar Series - Exploring Electrical Energy Systems

Speaker:  Rick Rys, ARC Advisory Group

Learn about the forces at work to shape what is the most complex systems integration issue of our age. Some goals conflict, many different electric grids are possible. Government has always had a role in the power business.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What kind of electric grid do we want? Reliability, Cost, Sustainable, Smart, Security
  • What are the current electric grid disruptions? Generation mix, grid stability & control, markets, regulations, technology trends
  • How have electric grids been changing? World & rural electrification, Micro/Nanogrids, energy storage, duck, dragon and shark curves, demand response
  • What will the future electric grid look like? Technology, markets mechanisms, environmental regulations 

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About the Speaker

Rick Rys


Rick Rys

Rick joined ARC in August 2015. Prior to joining ARC, Rick is the principal consultant at R2 Controls since 1996. Prior to starting his own company, he worked in the advanced control group at Foxboro Company (Now Schneider-Electric) for 20 years where he was responsible for DCS, HMI, field instruments, Process Control, Optimization, and Software development.  Rick has extensive experience designing, building, testing and commissioning complex control systems for reactors, distillation, and many other unit operations.  Just prior to working for ARC, Rick worked to test control and safety systems for eight nuclear power plants that are now operational in China. Rick is also a light commissioner in the town of Princeton, MA


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