Smart Cities June eNewsletter - Smart Waste

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Written by Bernard Fong

Almost everything is now back to normal after the global pandemic since the end of 2019. While the risk to public health remains, this post-pandemic phase provides numerous challenges and opportunities to the development and realization of smart cities when moving to the new normal.

Written by Elyse Chen and J. M. Wang

Recyclable materials such as plastic bottles and fishing nets are commonly found offshore and can potentially be savaged and treated as materials for a wide range of products. The demand for shoe replacement accounts for 20%, and the replacement rate for ready-made clothing is 40-50%, making recycling such waste in a smart city context commercially viable. However, central to the successful recycling of such waste requires suppliers to provide data on carbon emissions and carbon footprints, making the process both economical and sustainable. This article, therefore, looks at optimizing energy consumption in the process of recycling using a case study of collecting abandoned fishing nets.

Written by Qi Xiang Zhang and Bernard Fong

Various smart city technology solutions play a vital role in the sustainability of a smart fishing village. One major safety hazard that needs to be urgently addressed is the improper disposal of worn fishing nets, which has become a significant environmental challenge leading to the pollution of marine ecosystems. To address this issue, energy consumption in recycling worn fishing nets can be optimized with artificial intelligence (AI). By leveraging AI technologies, we can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling processes, leading to a more sustainable and economical approach.

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