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Written by G. Pradeep Reddy and Y. V. Pavan Kumar

The rapid urbanization of smart cities has led to increased difficulty managing vegetation near electrical lines. This poses potential risks such as power outages, equipment damage, and safety hazards. However, relying solely on manual labor for vegetation management also poses certain difficulties, as it can be time-consuming and costly. This article details a new approach to vegetation management that aims to address these issues with current methods in smart cities. This approach—using digital intelligence-- involves  employing drones equipped with onboard computers to identify and monitor potential vegetation-related problems near electrical lines. These drones are trained using vast amounts of data. They can run real-time models to detect potential hazards  and alert relevant municipal officers or corresponding personnel responsible for vegetation control.

Written by Chun Sing Lai, Mohamed Darwish, and Maysam Abbod

Electric vehicles (EVs) are key technologies in research and development towards decarbonising road transportation. It is a general perception that vehicles are related to automotive technology and vehicular dynamics, which are still relevant today. However, EVs differ significantly   from vehicles with internal combustion engines. EVs use electrical motors for propulsion and batteries as  energy sources.

Written by Soheil Mohseni and Sven Teske

This article explores the imperative of an integrated and collaborative approach to achieving net-zero energy transition and combatting climate change. It highlights the interconnectedness of various sectors and technologies, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies that go beyond isolated solutions.

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