Smart Cities July eNewsletter - Best Practices and Development of Smart Cities Standards - Part 2

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Written by Deborah Hagar

IEEE has launched a comprehensive initiative to bring together global expertise across the domains of engineering, technology, science, and academia, to achieve two goals. Transforming society and infrastructure to achieve Planet Positive 2030 (PP2030) imperative to reduce GHG emissions to net 50% of 2005 emissions by 2030 and significantly increase regeneration and resilience of earth’s ecosystems and identifying technological solutions we need to design, innovate and deploy to reach PP2030.

Written by Chun Sing Lai

This standards study group on smart cities was recommended by the Technical Activities Board Committee on Standards (TAB CoS) and sponsored by the Standards Association Discretionary Funding Scheme.

Written by Haibin Zhu

This article answers the technical question for how E-CARGO can support the standard development of Smart Cities in making logistics smarter. This article provides an answer to this question by clarifying several important concepts.

Written by Jim Frazer

In last month’s article we reviewed the nine Smart City applications that are typically supported by public agencies, as well as the seven technologies that impact them. In order to query the needs of all stakeholder communities in the domains discussed last month, and to refine those needs into a comprehensive plan, let’s first examine exactly what is the systems engineering process as well as its importance to developers and operators of Smart City projects.

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