Foreword: General Issue

Written by Bernand Fong

As the commencement of 2023 sees international borders opening up for travelers, the increase in people moving across cities put more demands on a wide range of services for people and businesses. The benefits brought by smart cities development make everyday life easier and more efficient. These benefits apply to various tasks such as navigation, shopping, and healthcare for visitors and residents; marketing for retailers and service providers through business intelligence solutions; and much more.

These services are supported by technological solutions that span across different platforms and systems throughout the smart city infrastructure.

The IEEE Smart Cities eNewsletter has featured many special issues throughout 2022 that were made possible only by dedicated domain experts serving as guest editors.  We continue to encourage experts in all areas of smart cities to consider organizing a special issue in their domain. This month is a general issue, with five articles that explore using artificial intelligence solutions to make energy and healthcare more efficient in a smart city setting, as well as electric vehicle integration and electrotechnical aspects of smart city deployment.

Looking ahead to March, the Newsletter will run a special issue that includes five articles featuring case studies on various applications from power engineering to governance of smart city implementation from India.



This article was edited by Melkior Ornik.

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bernard fong
Bernard Fong received his BSc degree in electronics from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and PhD degree in health information systems from the University of New South Wales in 1993 and 2005, respectively. He is a professor at Providence University and currently serves as Managing Editor of IEEE Smart Cities eNewsletter, Series Editor of IEEE Communications Magazine, Executive Editor of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, associate editor for the Archives of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management; Cyber-Physical Systems, Journal of Advances in Information Technology, and IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. He is the Chair of System Biology and Biomedical Systems Technical Committee under IEEE Systems Council. 

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