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Smarter Cities: Turning Big Data Into Insight

The Tip of the Iceberg

"More recently, we have started to interact with the city using artificial sensors, encoded in "apps". Through apps we access data and the way these are represented helps us to make sense of the city. We have actually come to the point that a good part of appreciating the smartness of a city is tied to the quality of the apps."

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The New Smart Cities

The New Smart Cities

"More than half of the world's population currently lives in or around a city. By the year 2050, the United Nations projects another 2.5 billion people could be moving to metropolises. As urban populations increase, the number of data-generating sensors and Internet-connected devices will grow even faster. Experts say cities that capitalize on all the new urban data could become more efficient and more enjoyable places to live. The big question now is how to make that happen."

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[IEEE Xplore] Readings on Smart Cities: Lighting Smart Cities

[IEEE Xplore] Readings on Smart Cities: Lighting Smart Cities

This issue of our Readings on Smart Cities explores how different approaches to public lighting can contribute to reach sustainability in cities through reducing energy consumption and ultimately levels of greenhouse gases (GHG).

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