Green is Trending Today

The word “Smart” in conjunction with City is an experience, a multidimensional attribute resonating to diverse groups in a diverse way overarching the walks of life. The diversity and inclusivity are inherently present in the culture of each city. The accommodative nature of society, freedom of expression, career opportunities, economic and social appetite, industrial and business growth, quality education, facility of healthcare, transportation, safety and surveillance, resource management etc along with weather, environmental inclinations and natural habitat influence the popularity of any city.

Climate change being a matter of concern to all, the consensus of COP28 prioritizing tripling of renewables, doubling of energy efficiency and thoughtful transitioning away from fossil fuel have unlocked opportunities for all of us to contribute to the global mission of Net Zero.

Energy plays a vital role in the growth of a city. Energy and Sustainability are the two sides of a coin.  As a professional from Power and Energy sector, I strongly believe that taking steps to achieve energy saving, energy conservation, energy-efficiency and obtain energy optimization is imperative. These are basic principles of energy, very known to all of us. Hence, it is a time to start practising them. 

Making our homes, campuses “carbon-neutral” has become essential to contribute to the global journey and combat the impact of climate change. “Start small and Scale fast” could be a success-mantra for increasing participation from all stakeholders of city including schools, colleges, public-private offices, industries, homes, societies etc to become a climate-warrior. Be accountable towards the environmental emission that you create as well as take efforts to reduce it by means of taking up the ways to decarbonization.  

Adapting to renewable energy sources, e-mobility, harnessing rooftop solar energy, using bio-fuel, bio-gas are effective ways of decarbonization. Citizens are encouraged to these green projects through the schemes of rebate, incentives, awards, and recognitions from regulatory bodies, local city authorities. The participation from citizens through strong citizen-engagement programs always ensure the success of collective efforts to make city Clean and Green. 

The electronic waste management is a key to ensure zero-waste going to the landfill. Practising 3R – reduce, reuse and recycle in almost all the industrial functions and operations across life cycle of the product would result into some tangible outcomes towards preserving ecological balance and achieving net zero targets. 

Digital interventions are the key enablers in accelerating our efforts in energy transition and decarbonization.AI powered data driven solutions provide the clear visibility on the opportunity to optimize resources, achieve energy-saving, in turn reduce emission, gain clear air. The harnessing of renewable energy can be maximised with accurate prediction of weather and achieving techno-economic capacity-mix with storage systems. 

Monitoring the energy and sustainability KPIs positively triggers outcome-based actions, achieving required targets. Technology would significantly empower the city authorities in administrating their functions and duties.  


Thus, while becoming modern adopting technology tools, our contribution towards “Go Green”, “Energy-efficiency” and “Environmental-balance”, is the best depiction of being SENSITIVE as well as SMART.  


Dr Surekha Deshmukh 

Domain Consultant , IoTDE, TCS, India 

Chair- IEEE Pune Section