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Past Courses

Health in Smart Cities MOOC

IEEE Smart Cities MOOC:
Health in Smart Cities

Smart Cities have enormous potential to improve the quality of life and assure access to healthcare services to an increasingly demanding population. Technologies are continuously improving and becoming more and more pervasive to better handle patients and their care. But innovative technology is not enough. New technology needs to be part of an innovative process that helps form partnerships between patients and professionals, public and private sectors and research and application. In this course, our team of instructors and content experts will address the fundamental concepts of a smart, healthy city and how to cope with continuous innovation, healthcare services, and citizens’ expectations. Our experts provide a vision for managing the complexity of smart health, and making ehealth work for a smart city. You will learn:

  • The definition and key elements of health and health technologies
  • The basic concept of a healthy, smart city and community
  • How to develop innovative health care in a smart city
  • Criticisms and limits of handling personal health data
  • Cutting-edge development of technologies for enhancing health and wellbeing in a changing society
  • Frontiers on health research and the new paradigm of system medicine


Big Data for Smart Cities MOOC

IEEE Smart Cities MOOC:
Big Data for Smart Cities

Cities run on a stream of data. In the smart city, the innovative use of data helps provide better and more inventive services to improve people’s lives and make the entire city run more smoothly. But the data our cities collect nowadays is more massive and varied, and is accessed at higher speeds than ever before. This is Big Data. New technologies are constantly being developed to better manage Big Data. This computer science course, from the IEEE Smart Cities initiative and the University of Trento, helps students understand and use these new technologies to help improve a city. In this self-paced, introductory-level course, you will learn:

  • The fundamental concepts of Big Data and how it changes traditional data management approaches
  • Applications of Big Data to different sectors of a modern city, and how it can improve the life of its citizens
  • Technologies and techniques for developing Big Data applications
  • Commercial tools for big data management: how they work and how to apply them


Metrics for Smart Cities MOOC


IEEE Smart Cities MOOC:
Introduction to Metrics for Smart Cities

Develop a basic understanding of the elements of a Smart City and learn the impact of using metrics to measure its performance.

In this introductory-level course, you will learn:

  • The definition and key elements of a Smart City
  • How to model complex systems of Smart Cities
  • How to understand and develop methods to quantify the effectiveness of Smart City systems