IEEE Smart Cities News Bulletin - March/April 2015


By Gilles Betis, chair of the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative

On October 25th, 2015, the “Silicon Valley of Mexico,” in Guadalajara, will play host to the first IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015). This will be the inaugural event of the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative’s flagship conference series, the main theme of which is Smarter Cities for Sustainability.



GDL Smart City Living Labs network
By Victor M. Larios

In September 2014, as part of the strategy for developing the Guadalajara Smart City and to create an environment of innovation, the state government and its ministry of innovation, science and technology requested IEEE Guadalajara section with their local working groups in smart cities to support the creation of a Living Labs network.



Which Electric Vehicle Use Profiles Provide Optimal Building Support Opportunities?
By Becky Gough

With potentially up to 60% of total new car sales in the UK being electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030, this represents a significant draw on the UK National Grid.



IEEE Smart Cities Initiative Affiliate City Profile
Guayaquil, Ecuador

The City of Guayaquil, Ecuador sees becoming a smart city as a way to solve a number of challenges the municipality faces while also becoming a technologically modern, safe, and efficient city for both residents and tourists. To this end it is taking action in five major segments: education, healthcare, human mobility and basic services, security, and electronic government.



The First IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015)
October 25-28, 2015
Call for Papers, Special Sessions, and Workshops

By Yinhai Wang

The IEEE Smart Cities Conference Subcommittee is delighted to announce the first IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, ISC2-2015 ( This inaugural event of the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative’s flagship conference series will be held 25th-28th of October in Guadalajara, Mexico, one of the IEEE Core Smart Cities. The main theme of the conference is Smarter Cities for Sustainability.



18th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2015)
September 15-18, 2015
Call for Papers

The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society. IEEE ITSC 2015 welcomes articles in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems, dealing with new developments in theory, analytical and numerical simulation and modeling, experimentation, demonstration, advanced deployment and case studies, results of laboratory or field operational tests, under the general theme of Smart Transportation for Safety and Sustainability.


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