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World IoT Expo

News from the World IoT Expo

The World IoT Expo was held in Wuxi, China from 30 October to 1 November 2016. Wuxi is known as the national demonstration zone for sensor network innovation. The theme of the expo was “Create IoT Era, Share Global Intelligence”. In this report, learn about the highlights of the various activities from the expo, including coverage on the Smart City of Wuxi.

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Feature Article

Smart City: Standardization and Compliance Indicators

Smart City: Standardization and Compliance Indicators

This article from IEEE Standards University takes a look at the various technical disruptors shaping the smart city landscape. It examines several use cases, the role of standards, and the importance of building a "citizen-centric" smart city.

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Technology Spotlight

Security is a major challenge to smart city adoption

Security is a Major Challenge to Smart City Adoption

Along with interoperability, securing the internet of things is a major priority in a smart city. In a talk at IEEE GLOBECOM 2016, Petros Mouchtaris, president of Vencore Labs, outlined three areas of risk: interoperability; device cost and lifespan; and security.

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