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IEEE IoT Webinar: Integrating the IoT and Cultural Heritage in the Smart City - 27 October 2016

Roberto MinervaPresenter: Roberto Minerva
Telecom Italia Lab

Achieving smartness in cities through IoT is difficult because it requires integration of different technologies, processes, and administrative domains but, even more challenging, it requires the ability to see the city as a large complex system. As well, a city is largely characterized by its cultural heritage that makes it different from any other city. To quantify and leverage cultural heritage within the large context of a multidisciplinary effort of IoT deployments is a huge challenge.

In addition to domain-specific technological issues, there exist further challenges in business, social, and regulation realms that are deeply intertwined. These intricacies can greatly impact the deployment and the success of IoT deployment within Smart Cities. But, a city’s cultural heritage can and should also be a factor in the creation of its unique path to smartness.

This webinar provides a view on some major technology challenges of the IoT, covers critical business and social issues that could hamper the large deployment of IoT systems within smart cities and provides examples related to the creation of a future city that leverages its cultural heritage and specific needs using Venice, Italy as the example.

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IEEE Smart Cities Webinar: A Preview of and Discussion on IEEE International Smart Cities Conference Content - 28 July 2016

Moderator: Dario Petri, University of Trento, Italy, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference 2016 Chair

This panel, led by Dario Petri, Conference Chair of the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) 2016, will give attendees a preview of the content to be available at the conference this September 12-15 in Trento, Italy. Attendees of the webinar are encouraged to participate and express their views and interests, thereby helping to further shape conference content. The conference theme, Improving the Citizens’ Quality of Life, will factor into the material presented. Dario will be joined in presentation by conference track co-chairs in the areas of Smart Government, Health and Well-Being, Smart Energy Systems, Smart Transportation, Big Data and Open Data, and Privacy and Security.

Speakers include:

Technical Program Committee Co-chairs:
Soufiene Djahel, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Bernardo Tellini, University of Pisa, Italy

TRACK Smart Energy Systems Co-chairs:
Carlo Alberto Nucci, University of Bologna, Italy
Davide Brunelli, University of Trento, Italy

TRACK Big Data & Open Data Co-chairs:
Andrea Molinari, University of Trento, Italy
Frederick Mintzer, IBM TJ Watson Research, Center

TRACK Privacy and Security Co-chair:
Andrea Lanzi, University of Milano, Italy

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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: Smart Cities - How we will integrate the Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Internet of Things with Smart People - 21 May 2015

Lee StognerPresenter: Lee Stogner
President of the Vincula Group; Member, IEEE Internet of Things Initiative

The world's population is expected to double by 2050. Half of this population is projected to live in cities. With this growth and Urbanization, will come challenges. The IEEE is making a special effort through its Smart Cities Initiative to work with target municipalities in managing this transition to urbanization. This would include raising awareness of the benefits and downsides of technology and help guide the appropriate uses of technology. While this opens up significant opportunities in economic growth, it also creates many challenges to be addressed including, population explosion, high cost of living, increased crime rates, massive investment in infrastructure, and more.

One approach being pursued in many parts of the world is to increase the awareness of the urban environment and to enhance the interaction with its inhabitants. This is typically characterized as the evolution towards Smart Cities. "Smart Cities" includes such things as, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart grid / smart energy, smart communications, and smart networks.

This presentation discusses how the integration of technologies that were developed from across other IEEE Initiatives will come together under the Smart Cities Initiative to provide awareness, answers and action to ensure that cities develop the Smart People that can utilize all of the technologies that will be needed.

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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: Electric Vehicles, the Smart Grid and the Internet of Things - How Everything will be Integrated in the Smart City of Tomorrow - 26 February 2015

Lee StognerPresenter: Lee Stogner
President of the Vincula Group; Member, IEEE Internet of Things Initiative

As a follow-up to his November 2014 presentation, "Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid," IEEE Internet of Things Expert Lee Stogner continues the discussion with an introduction to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is the perfect storm of advanced sensors, real time networks and massive data centers. Add to this combination of technology, new software applications that can process vast amounts of information at a cost not available just a few years ago. All of this will give government, industry and consumers the power to solve problems and create new clean industries.

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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: Smarter Citizens for Smarter Cities - 2 February 2015

Roberto Saracco Presenter: Roberto Saracco
EIT ICT Labs Italy Node Director; IEEE Future Directions Committee Chair

In this webinar, Roberto Saracco presents how the use of ICT can dramatically change the relation city-citizens and create new evolution paths, which, in turn, requires the cities and citizens to face new issues, including technical ones, like data openness, sharing, ownership, privacy and security.

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Slides from Roberto's presentation are also available for download (PDF, 4 MB).


IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: The Nexus of the Smart Grid and the Internet of Things - 10 July 2014

Steve Collier Presenter: Steve Collier
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Milsoft Utility Solutions

Steve Collier touches on the topic of smart cities in this IEEE webinar. If you didn't get a chance to attend, you can still view it on demand.

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