Wuxi, China White Papers

Smart City of Wuxi: Current Situation and Future Plan
Li Mao, Wei Fang, and Xiao-Jun Wu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the global development of smart city and the demand of constructing smart city of Wuxi, the smart city of Wuxi is introduced from two perspectives: the current situation and future plan. The construction of smart city in Wuxi will focus on three fields, which are smart transportation, smart environmental protection and smart health. The development plan of these three fields is presented by considering the actual demands of Wuxi.

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Smart Environment Protection in Wuxi 
Qin Wu, Wei Fang, and Xiao-Jun Wu 

Abstract: In this paper, we aim to propose a guidance and development of Environment protection and enhancement in Wuxi smart city. We start by presenting the importance of smart city and current state of the art of environmental protection technology in Wuxi and continue by proposing a line of smart government development for environmental enhancement that could positively impact the everyday life of its citizens. Moreover, we talk about the efficient solutions for environmental enhancement. These solutions however require integrated approaches, both at the level of research and development of advanced technological solutions, as well as at the level of deployment.

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Solutions and Plan of Smart Healthcare in Wuxi 
Yunhao Yuan, Wei Fang, and Xiao-Jun Wu

Abstract: Smart Wuxi needs smart healthcare. However, currently Wuxi faces some challenges in healthcare. To addressing the issues, the solutions for smart healthcare in Wuxi by using the advantage of information and communication technology (ICT) are provided in this report. These solutions will make medical services in Wuxi be smarter and higher-quality. At last, some future proposals are provided to further complete smart healthcare for smart Wuxi city.

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