Smart Cities
IEEE Internet Computing - November/December 2013

"Urbanization has dramatically increased over the past few years, and forecasts show that people’s migration to urban areas isn’t going to decrease. Mega cities with tens of millions of inhabitants are no longer exceptional. This concentration of population within cities poses numerous challenges in terms of both city governance and peoples’ lives. As a consequence, “smarter” solutions are necessary to better address emerging requirements in urban environments."

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Korea Magazine, August 2013

KOREA Magazine, August 2013 [Vol. 9, No. 8]


Korea's city of the future is smart, connected, and adapting

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IEEE Communications Magazine, June 2013

The June 2013 special issue of IEEE Communications Magazine, the first of its kind, focuses on ICT technologies, allowing for Smart City rollouts, deployments and growth.

Featured Smart City articles in this issue include:

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The Relationship Between Smart Grids and Smart Cities
IEEE Smart Grid - May 2013

In a smart city, energy, water, transportation, public health and safety, and other key services are managed in concert to support smooth operation of critical infrastructure while providing for a clean, economic and safe environment in which to live, work and play.

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Standardization: Living in the Smart Cities of the Future: eWork, eMobility and Connection to the Smart Grids
IEEE Standards Insight - April 2013

"On 10 July 2012, the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE co-hosted the workshop “Standardization: Living in the Smart Cities of the Future: eWork, eMobility and Connecting to Smart Grids” in Offenbach, Germany. This event provided practical information on home networking, next generation mobility, smart cities, and their integration with smart grids. The event attracted more than sixty attendees, consisting of members of both organizations as well as non-members."

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Smart Cities: A Brave New Digital World
Wired Innovation Insights - March 2013

"The importance of mega-cities cannot be denied. At this moment over 50% of the world population live within cities; by 2050, 6.3 billion people will reside there. In order to adapt to such growth within metropolitan areas, IT services and networks may be the answer."

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New Technology Yields Operating System for Smart Cities
Computing Now - September 2011

"Newly created technology will give smart cities an OS to make their intelligent operations run more smoothly..."

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IT Footprinting--Groundwork for Future Smart Cities
Computer - June 2011

The goals for developing smart cities are clear and convincing, and the technology is promising and exciting, but achieving these goals requires a massive IT footprinting process.

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