Smart Electricity for Emerging Markets
The Institute - November 2014

Conference in Mumbai brings together leaders in the field

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Internet of Things has a large role to play in smart cities
Governance Now - October 2014

In this interview, IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran speaks to Shubhendu Parth from Governance Now on how IoT can impact governance, IoT’s role in connected smart cities, as well as threats associated with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

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Green Ovations: Smart Cities Address an Urgent Need
Electric Energy Online - October 2014

As urbanization grows, sustainable practices become crucial

In this article on the evolution of the electric grid to support smart cities, Gilles Betis highlights IEEE's Smart Cities initiative and Guadalajara as the first city selected. Gilles also points out that embracing IoT will be critical to the success of Smart Grids and Smart Cities of the future.

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BU receives NSF grant to develop 'smart city' cloud platform
EurekAlert! - September 2014

"Boston University's Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering today announced it has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a "smart-city" cloud platform designed to streamline and strengthen multiple municipal functions. Called SCOPE: A Smart-city Cloud-based Open Platform & Eco-system, the project is designed to improve transportation, energy, public safety, asset management, and social services in the City of Boston and across Massachusetts."



Smart City, Smart Future: Guadalajara, Mexico
September 2014

The Internet of Things figures prominently in one of the world's earliest and groundbreaking IEEE Smart Cities Initiative projects. Victor M. Larios, Volunteer Leader of the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative Guadalajara Pilot in Guadalajara, Mexico describes the opportunities and challenges of embracing the collective technologies that will bring this urban area into Smart City status and serve as a point of reference for Smart Cities to come.

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Helping Augmented Reality Reach Its Potential
The Institute - July 2014

Several IEEE activities bring awareness to the technology's possibilities

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Cloud computing: An important component of the physical infrastructure for smart cities
CloudTech - July 2014

"Today half of the world's population is living in urban areas, and cities are growing their infrastructures and services to keep up. Traditionally city governments have different departments to oversee the metropolitan services for citizens; however, departments are not fully communicating their plans and actions, utilizing their services as independent entities."

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Guadalajara charts its smart-city course
Intelligent Utility - July 2014

"In envisioning its transformation into a “smart city,” Guadalajara started with its strengths—among them, an unusually large and strong network of colleges and universities, a high-tech community so vibrant that the city is regarded as “Mexico's Silicon Valley” and a distinctive and historic city center that throbs with the life of theater-, museum- and restaurant-goers."

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The Parliament Magazine, June 2014: IEEE Advancing Innovation

The Parliament Magazine - June 2014


  • A significant role (PDF, 137 KB) - Marko Delimar says the integration of far-off, large-scale renewable energy sources into Europe’s energy mix is 'paramount'
  • Taking the initiative (PDF, 135 KB) - Gilles Betis tells the Parliament Magazine how IEEE is collaborating with cities to help create modern, sustainable urban environments
  • Get smart (PDF, 146 KB) - Carlo Alberto Nucci tells the Parliament Magazine that smart cities development can help tackle many of the urban challenges facing Europe’s municipalities



For more articles in this issue, please see The Parliament Magazine, June 2014.


The Institute Special Report: Smart Cities, June 2014

The Institute - June 2014

For more articles in this issue, please see The Institute Special Report: Smart Cities.


Convergence: Smart grid and smart cities
FierceSmartGrid - June 2014

In this interview with FierceSmartGrid, Steven Collier shares his insights about the relationship between smart grids and smart cities. He addresses smart grid developments that are important in order for cities to meet the challenges of explosive growth. He also describes IEEE's Smart City Initiative. Collier is an IEEE Technical Expert whose broad experience includes being a consultant and executive with energy, telecommunication and information technology companies.

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IEEE Takes The Initiative In Building Smart Cities
Electronic Design - May 2014

IEEE aims to engage with 10 cities through 2016 through the IEEE Smart Cities Urbanization Challenge.

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Ask the Expert: Smart Cities
The Institute - May 2014

IEEE Fellow answers your questions on building more-intelligent communities

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Smart cities and the smart grid
Intelligent Utility - May 2014

"A veritable “perfect storm” of challenges and opportunities is profoundly changing the fundamentals of urban areas throughout the world. The driving force is the exploding growth of urban populations caused by both global population growth combined with dramatic relocation to urban centers..."

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Get smart: IEEE preparing cities for population boom - April 2014

Guadalajara, Mexico, was the first city to take part in the IEEE’s Smart Cities Initiative, which is accepting applications now for expansion around the world.



Allometry: does it apply to Smart Cities?
EIT ICT Labs Blog - February 2014

By Roberto Saracco

Allometry is the the study of the change in proportion of various parts of an organism as a consequence of growth. It was first applied to living organisms to study the relation of volume to shape to behaviour.

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A Vision of a Smart, Happy, City
IEEE Technical Community Spotlight - February 2014

The city of the future will be self-aware, much like a being, says Chair of IEEE's Future Directions Committee, and EIT ICT Labs Italian Node Director, Roberto Saracco. These cities will be able to reconfigure themselves, based on what's happening, and what might happen, in the immediate future.

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